Will Val really quit the village?

Val pulls herself together and makes it clear to Diane that she was serious about selling her the pub. Val dramatically apologises for every time she’s ever wronged her sister and tells her this chapter of her life has closed. Val leaves a letter for Diane in the back room and gives David a letter for Pollard then gets Terry to drive her to the airport with her bags. Pollard reads Val’s letter and is horrified to discover that she’s left to start a new life in Australia!

Chas has been ignoring Paddy’s attempts to make up, but she finally softens when he tells her he loves her and that’s all that matters. Paddy tells Chas that he’s going on the course and he trusts her completely. Aaron tells Paddy that he’s weak and he shouldn’t have allowed Chas to talk him round, but Paddy is determined to leave as planned.

Jamie is getting increasingly jealous of Gennie’s excitement over her new boyfriend and when she asks to borrow some cash to pay for a ticket to Brighton Jamie tells her he’s skint. Gennie’s delighted when Bob offers her the money, but when Viv finds out she refuses to let him pay for her.

Also, Hannah still feels humiliated.