Will Valerie hear something she shouldn’t?

Valerie listens in on a conversation between Mrs Tembe and Jimmi

Valerie is confused when Mrs Tembe and Jimmi give different reasons for their meeting in the morning. Valerie decides to listen in and is left perplexed by their conversation. What exactly did Valerie hear? And will she tell the rest of the staff at The Mill?

Sid is preparing for his big interview in relation to the Careers Without Limits initiative and it’s clear that he is a bag nerves. Al makes him feel even worse when he tells Sid the interviewer will write what ever he wants to write and Sid’s answers won’t make a difference.

When Sid arrives at the interview, things get off to a smooth start when Sid discuss the problems young immigrants face, but the interviewer has a clear agenda of where he wants the interview to go. Will Sid be comfortable answering the questions the reporter has?