It’s Valerie’s last day and she’s very vocal about it, bursting into tears at the drop of a hat. She puts the Christmas decorations up and starts a Secret Santa as part of her legacy. Nerdy Ashley from the patient group clearly takes a shine to Valerie but, despite them getting on, Valerie knocks him back when he asks for a date.

Mandy sees this and gives Valerie a telling off; she moans about being lonely, but here’s a chance of happiness! Valerie’s scared, but takes heed and when she leaves The Mill for the last time it’s on the arm of a lovestruck Ashley.

Meanwhile, Jimmi is limping after a marathon at the weekend and doesn’t look as healthy as he makes out. Later, Al asks Jimmi why he runs so much. Jimmi says it’s for health reasons, but then reveals all he’s been through.

Al sees why he wants to run himself to the ground and suggests they buy him a running machine to hasten his demise. Jimmi can’t help but laugh and the two strike up an unlikely friendship.

Also, Karen’s first love appears at The Mill wanting to whisk her off to lunch, an offer she can’t really refuse…