Will Valerie marry Barry?

Valerie tells Emma that Barry proposed to her and Emma, Ayesha and Ruhma worry that she hasn’t really thought it through. Valerie still hasn’t said yes but when she plays the song that she could use for walking down the aisle, she’s stunned to learn that the singer died of cancer at a young age and declares to Barry that she will marry him!

Simon, who suffers with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is struggling to make toast when his teenage daughter Ellie takes over. Later, Ellie is buoyed to see her friend Faye Morton. Niamh knocks on the door and, when Ellie fears she will take her dad away, Faye tells her to get rid of Niamh. Ellie tries to push Niamh over but falls down the steps herself. Ellie comes to and Niamh realises that Faye is a figment of Ellie’s imagination.

Karen tells Ayesha and Ruhma that she’s made money playing the stock market but her bragging is short-lived when she realises her stock has devalued. Rob arrives, carrying flowers and apologises for not being more supportive, but she is forced to admit she’s lost money.