Will Valerie’s lies catch up with her?

Valerie continues to play the sick card...

Valerie’s still recovering from hurting her foot after falling through The Mill attic. During her break, Valerie sits in The Mill staffroom, where she struggles to get out of her chair. Eventually, she manages to get up and return to her work duties and let’s everyone know that, despite being in agony, she’s determined to carry on with the rest of her work.

Later, when she thinks nobody is watching, Valerie bends down to pick up something from the floor and puts her full weight on her injured foot. Daniel spots her and questions her about her injury and even offers to discuss her progress with her consultant, but Valerie quickly declines his offer. Later, Valerie confesses to that her foot is healed and she can walk normally. Will Daniel tell everyone that Valerie has been lying to them?