Will Vanessa and Jess be separated?

As Zara visits Vanessa and Jess at the hospital, Vanessa’s belligerence causes Zara to worry that she has no chance of winning the court case today. Vanessa has chosen to represent herself in court and Mandy feels for Vanessa, who seems out of her depth. Fleur is called to the stand and details all the help social services have provided that Vanessa has ignored. And Vanessa comes undone when she tries to question Fleur.

Dr Paul Campbell-Hart, an obesity expert, then gives a damning account of all the medical problems Jess has suffered as a result of her weight. He concludes that, if she carries on as she has, she will suffer an early death. The court then watch a moving video recording of Jess pleading to let her stay with her mum and to give them another chance now they have Nurse Mandy to help.

Mandy then presents a strong case for giving her one last chance to work with Vanessa and Jess before the court thinks about separating them. Vanessa then appeals to the court, saying she loves her daughter more than anything and that this has been a wake-up call for her. She promises that, if she hasn’t made things better in eight weeks, they can take Jess away – Mandy shoots her a ‘well done’ smile.

Zara then takes the stand where she reveals that, last night, she was forced to admit Jess to hospital with potentially life-threatening pancreatitis, a direct result of Vanessa not giving Jess her gallstone medication due to her fear of the side effects. With such damning evidence of Vanessa’s negligence, the verdict is returned – Jess will be separated from her mum and taken into care. Mandy and Zara look on distraught but helpless.

Also, Howard and Rob deal with a case of antiques theft – but who’s robbing who?