CEO Vanessa Lytton’s days at Holby are finally numbered. When the latest of her evil deeds – to drive nurse Mark Williams to resignation – proves to be the last straw for Director of Surgery Michael Spence. When it looks like a staff riot may be on the cards at Mark’s shock decision, Michael admits that the hospital’s wicked witch has gone too far this time and rallies Connie and Ric to help him get rid of her.

But Vanessa isn’t going without a fight. When she’s called to a meeting with the board to discuss her recent behaviour at Holby, the team realise that her meddling has been frustratingly by the book and a case for her dismissal will be impossible.

Realising she has Michael where she wants him she tells him she’s already applied for a new job with the Ministry of Health and a gleaming letter of recommendation might persuade her to quit the hospital. Knowing he has no choice, but to yield to her demands, Michael pens a glowing reference in order to get rid of her.

Smug Vanessa waves a final goodbye to the corridors of Holby, to the relief of just about everybody she leaves behind.