Will Vernon leave Liz?

Vernon sadly makes his final preparations to go abroad and Liz begs to go with him. But a still devastated Vernon refuses. Liz tries one last trick to persuade Vernon to stay and she gives cabbie Lloyd a tape of all Vernon’s favourite soul tracks for the trip to the airport. Vernon reminisces about his time with Liz and when Lloyd admits that Liz gave him the tape, he tells Lloyd to drive him back to Weatherfield and Liz!

Leanne tries to play down her staffing problems to an anxious Roger and promises once again that she’ll pay him back as soon as possible. But behind her calm demeanor, she’s seriously worried about where she’ll get the money from. As a last resort Leanne approaches Carla and suggests that she invest with her. But Leanne is left disappointed yet again.

Ashley is feeling mixed up and desperate with Claire still at Yvonne’s house and he takes Josh to see her. Ashley tells Claire that he can’t cope on his own, but Claire refuses to return with him and tells him that she’ll be home soon.

Also, Jason is unhappy about mum Eileen’s relationship with the slippery Pat.