Will Victoria escape jail?

*Second episode*

After a whirlwind of a wedding, it’s straight off to court for the new Mrs Barton. In the end there’s no need for Adam to try to save his wife as Ashley steps in, claims his memory of the accident has returned and gets Victoria off the hook!

Elsewhere, Aaron is having a nightmare. Stunned to find that Cain has Robert bound and gagged and in the boot of his car, Aaron finds himself dragged into Cain’s torture scene as the mechanic insists he gets in the car, too. After a drive, Cain then forces Aaron to drag Robert out of the car. As Robert’s eyes plead for Aaron’s help, Cain starts beating him. Although battered Robert eventually deletes the photo of Cain kissing Chrissie, he taunts Cain threatening to kill him. With that, Cain starts beating him again until Aaron manages to intervenes and assists Robert to make a getaway.

At Home Farm, Chrissie’s horrified by the state of bloodied Robert. But her husband doesn’t hang about when he hears Victoria’s marriage to Adam went ahead, and tries to crash their reception. Cain then has words with Aaron who reveals he and Robert have been having an affair.

Jai turns nasty when he almost ploughs into Debbie’s car, leaving Ross furious with the factory owner.