George, Esther and Tilly land in Derry, while Phoebe and Vincent get ready to become husband and wife. At the town hall, they’re about to get married until their friends arrive and beg them not to go through with it. Vincent tells them all how much he loves Phoebe, but he decides he can’t go through with it. He finally admits that he’s gay and when George tries to comfort her, Phoebe punches him in the face. She collapses, heart-broken into Tilly and Esther’s arms. Elsewhere, Vincent tells George that if he doesn’t get deported, he wants them to be together, while a humiliated Phoebe watches them from her window and knows what she has to do.

Tony tells Trevor about the package he got yesterday. Trevor offers to tell ‘The White Man’ to back down, knowing Tony will be in his debt. Tony is horrified when he realises he’s working for Trevor now.

Baby Matthew is taken to hospital and John Paul rushes to his son’s side knowing he was with Danny when Matthew needed him. Danny tracks John Paul down at the hospital and Nana McQueen twigs what’s going on. She encourages John Paul to do what makes him happy.

Elsewhere, the Lomaxes can’t help but question Danny’s motives.