Will Vincent leave the Square?

Vincent prepares to leave Walford, but soon has a change of heart. After Claudette apologises for her harsh words, Vincent and Claudette agree to take on Phil together. When Vincent gives Ronnie a threat she can’t ignore, she tells Phil to lay off Vincent. Phil later finds Ben and asks him for help in getting rid of some dodgy documents.

Mick reels from Linda’s bombshell that she doesn’t want to get married. He’s unconvinced when she insists she’s just worried about the money. Unable to talk her round, Mick calls a family lunch to break the news. At the lunch, Lee reveals he’s found Nancy’s Qu’ran and the family wonder if she’s marrying Tamwar. Nancy insists there’s no wedding, she just finds it interesting.

Stacey has a visit from Jean and Ollie. Opening up to her mum about being followed, Stacey is stunned when Jean reveals she still has the mysterious family key. Fed up with all the lies, Stacey demands that Jean tell her the truth. When Jean confesses everything, Stacey’s life is changed forever…