Bob avoids telling Viv that Brenda is now part owner of the businesses and Brenda gets narked with Viv ordering her around. Val eventually spills the beans and Viv is furious – especially when Val tells her that Brenda used to have a crush on her hubby. Bob talks Viv round and Terry insists that Bob and Brenda didn’t have an affair. Terry panics when Viv claims she’s sure that Bob has been seeing someone else and she’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

Bob visits Gennie and is relieved when she assures him that their night of passion was a mistake and she won’t divulge to anyone – especially not Viv. Gennie is secretly gutted that she’s lost Bob so quickly and tells a worried Jamie that she’s given up on love for good as it only brings her sorrow.

Cain tells Michael that Debbie has a young daughter, hoping that it will scare him off, but Michael is unfazed and asks Debbie on another date. Debbie has to turn down his offer as she needs to stay with Sarah, but she is left regretful. Debbie is angry when she discovers that Cain interfered in an attempt to turn Michael off her.