Will VJ dump Billie?

Billie refuses to tell VJ the truth about being raped

VJ demands to know if Irene’s son, Mick, is the father of Billie’s baby. Billie refuses to give him a straight answer ,which causes him to storm out. The next morning, VJ returns home and is livid when he overhears Billie telling Phoebe about Mick being the father of her baby. Will VJ finally end things with Billie and tell his family the truth?

At the warehouse, Tori is trapped in the clutches of Ranae and her henchmen. Later, Justin gets a phone call from Ranae and he races off to find Tori – but will she still be alive?

Everything is in place for Evelyn’s festival, Summer Grooves. She has a famous guest performer. However, Evelyn is unaware that a mystery figure has been snooping around with a lighter and petrol cans. Will there be a tragedy at the festival?