Whitney is gutted when the play is cancelled after the electrics go down at the venue. Tony plays Knight in Shining Armour and arranges to use the community centre. Meanwhile, Tony buys a heart necklace and gives it to a flattered Lauren. Whitney goes through with the play, but is torn up with guilt for betraying Bianca. After the show, Whitney presents Tony with her passport and tickets abroad…

Max is intrigued when he discovers that Lauren has moved in with the Beales and he guesses that Tanya has split from Jack. Meanwhile, Jack is hassling Roxy and she finally agrees to meet him outside the hospital. Roxy tells Jack to leave her alone, but he threatens to tell Sean and Ronnie their little secret unless she agrees to do the test.

Suzy is worried when her dog Prince goes missing and she’s peeved that Phil isn’t taking it seriously. Suzy is horrified when she gets a note from her ex-boyfriend Ahmet and he later confronts her and threatens that unless he gets his gold bar back she’s never going to see her dog again!

Also, Ian is annoyed when Jane and Linda spend money on a new mobile for Peter and tells the family he’s cancelling Christmas!

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