Will Whitney choose Tyler?

Whitney struggles with her feelings after Tyler’s confession, while Fat Boy gets excited about their trip to Paris. Whitney continues to be cold towards Tyler until he sweeps her off her feet and kisses her. An outraged Whitney storms off, but later confesses to Fat Boy she can’t go to Paris, as she likes Tyler. Fat Boy is heartbroken. Whitney goes to the Emporium to tell Tyler only to find him getting flirty with Lucy! Tyler can’t believe how badly he’s messed up.

Heather wakes up on Shirley’s sofa. In a panic, she rushes home to find the cold remains of a romantic meal and a gorgeous engagement ring. Heather finds Andrew in the launderette and makes things up to him. Andrew is soon feeling put out again when Shirley turns up and asks Heather to go to the cinema.

Lola decides to ask Ben and Jay along to her scan with Abi in an attempt to get them to make up. Billy asks to go too. At the hospital, everyone is moved by the sound of the baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound. Lola’s plan works and Ben and Jay’s relationship thaws. Shirley’s pleased and asks a reluctant Jay to get working on Ben to change his witness statement.