Whitney steels herself to tell Bianca about her affair with Tony, but a wily Tony intervenes before she can get the words out. Meanwhile, Bianca wants to get Tony working and tries to arrange a job for him with Lucas, but he deliberately tries to scupper his chances by pointing out to Lucas that he was in prison for assault. Whitney goes to Peter‘s house to rehearse the play and when a jealous Tony finds out he storms round to the Beale’s and punches Peter!

Yolande is worried that she and Patrick will be kicked out of the Minute Mart if it gets out about Dot getting food poisoning. Yolande and Patrick are under strict new orders from boss Alistair and have to wear new uniforms but Patrick walks out when he discovers that he won’t be able to wear his trademark trilby.

Archie is unhappy about Peggy‘s friendship with Pat and tries to split them up by suggesting to Peggy that she’s too good for a common Pat. Later, Pat confronts Peggy and points out that Archie is trying to change her, but Peggy is defiant.

Also, Suzy tries to matchmake Max and Denise, but the impromptu date is a disaster.