Will Whitney let Tony off the hook?

Bianca struggles in the wake of Tony’s arrest, while Whitney is in turmoil. Lauren confesses to Jane that Tony bought her a necklace and she worries that she could have been his next victim. Jane convinces Lauren to talk to the police about Tony.

Whitney refuses to talk to the police about Tony and they tell Pat that unless they have a statement from Whitney they won’t be able to press charges. Bianca tries to persuade Whitney to give a statement, but she vows never to reveal what happened and Bianca is frustrated by her misplaced loyalty.

Phil and the other parents in the Square are angry with Lucas for employing Tony at the community centre and worry that he could have tried it on with any of their children. Lucas is horrified when he arrives at the community centre to discover that all the windows have been smeared with red paint and it’s been covered in graffiti. Lucas meets up with Denise and they run into a mob of angry locals, who insist that the youth club is closed down. Later, Lucas goes to open up the youth club and he is jumped from behind, but he retaliates and gives as good as he gets.

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