Will Whitney let Tyler leave the square?

Tyler confides in Alfie that he’s thinking of leaving Walford to work on a cruise ship with Anthony. After Alfie advises Tyler against running away to solve his problems Tyler mentions his leaving plan to Whitney to see how she’ll react. When Whitney doesn’t try to stop him, Tyler decides that today is as good a day as any. As Tyler is about to drive off in a flash car confiscated from Danny, Whitney runs over and they say a sad goodbye.

Max is downhearted when Carl hints that he spent the night with Kirsty, although in reality nothing happened. Hurt to discover that Max thinks she slept with Carl, Kirsty confronts him. Despite defending himself, Max knows he’s blown it. Kirsty’s sick of Carl and Max treating her like a doll to fight over. However, another argument with Max turns to passion. Kirsty and Max rip each other’s clothes off – just as Lauren returns!

Michael tells Janine that he saw Danny kissing a woman, hoping to drive a wedge between them, although Janine isn’t fussed. After discovering that Danny’s posh car is on loan, Michael sends Tyler to repossess it for falling behind on the payments, in front of a potential client. Michael is triumphant when the client pulls out, infuriating Janine.