Will Whitney tell Bianca the truth?

Whitney is nervous on the day of her 16th birthday as she packs to do a flit with Tony. Whitney feels guilty when Bianca thoughtfully gives her a china doll to replace the broken one that her mum gave her. Whitney joins her birthday party, but can’t take the guilt and heads to her bedroom with a ‘headache’. Tony panics when Whitney tells him she wants them to leave right away and he says he wants to postpone things. Whitney is gutted and Bianca realises that there’s something on Whitney’s mind. Whitney can’t keep it in any longer and says, ‘It’s Tony’.

Bradley gives Dot a suitcase full of cash after lying that he bet money Max gave him on a horse and it unexpectedly came in, but he can’t keep the money. Later, Dot chats with a homeless man, Tim, and gives him 20 pounds towards a hostel.

Denise is frustrated when Lucas asks her to go on holiday with him, but insists they should have separate rooms. Libby makes Denise see that it might be worth trying a relationship without sex and she tells Lucas she’ll go with him.

Also, Roxy secretly takes a DNA swab from Sean; Lauren agrees to move back in with Max.

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