Will Whitney uncover Abi’s betrayal?

Whitney is increasingly suspicious that there's something between Abi and Lee. Will she uncover the truth?

Whitney is paranoid that the Carters will think badly of her because of the Chlamydia. After Whitney turns to Lauren for support, Lauren has words with Abi about being responsible. Suspicious about what’s going on, Whitney confronts Lee and Abi. When the truth finally comes out, Mick and Linda overhear the row, finding out that Lee slept with Abi.

Denise, Carmel and Kim head to the opening of Belinda’s pop-up salon. When the topic of Kush and his mystery woman comes up, Denise feels uncomfortable. Later, Denise confronts Kush about his feelings for her but they’re interrupted by Vincent, who works out they’re into each other!

Andy starts working for Ronnie, looking after the kids during the holidays. Suggesting he takes them to the zoo, he instead takes them to see his dad. Meanwhile, Ronnie confronts Roxy about how things are going with Andy but Roxy quickly shuts her down. With Roxy seemingly on edge, Ronnie wants to know what’s going on. Roxy reveals she’s had a letter about Dean’s court hearing.

Also, Kathy wonders whether to call the police over a missing Ben.