Will Xanthe be heartbroken by Ben and Gary’s ‘deal’?

PIper urges Ben not to break Xanthe's heart

Ben uses Gary’s money to buy a gift for The Kennedy’s and then asks a thrilled Xanthe to be his date to the formal. Meanwhile, Karl returns from his accountant and reveals he’s been advised to sell Off Air. Elsewhere, Piper finds out about Ben’s deal with Gary, and urges him not to break Xanthe’s heart by telling her the truth.

Paul oversees Madison’s project to interview some of Erinsborough’s residents, taking particular interest in Brad’s outreach program. Meanwhile, Tom asks Terese to return as Director of Operations at Lassiters. When Paul finds out, he convinces Madison to add Terese to her list of interviewees. Paul’s by Madison’s side as she finishes typing up the feature, but as soon as her back is turned, Paul starts re-typing the article.

Piper remains tight-lipped about the identity of her mystery man – so a frustrated Xanthe explains that if Piper’s serious about this guy, she should spice things up by sending him a racy selfie. Later, Piper makes a special “private” episode of her vlog, for Tyler’s eyes only.