Will Xanthe go though with surgery?

Angus feels terrible when Ben and Piper tell him Xanthe is visiting a cosmetic surgeon today. Finally catching up with Xanthe, Piper and Ben are intent on convincing her not to go through with her breast augmentation. But their efforts fall on deaf ears. Xanthe is desperate to feel better – and she’s convinced this will do it.

When Paige learns there are no Jason Jones’s who match John’s photo, she confronts Mandy, but John tells her to back off. After talking to Amy, Paige brings over some pizza as a piece offering but when Mandy offers John a slice of Hawaiian he realises she doesn’t know about his pineapple allergy. Mandy finally reveals she’s just lonely and thought she and John could fill each other’s lives.

Amy’s worried about Paul’s lack of fight and begs Toadie to investigate his case. After some convincing, Toadie agrees. However, he goes to Paul with bad news. Faced with a long jail term and the apathy of his family and friends towards his innocence, Paul flees Erinsborough.