Will Xanthe Canning reveal Cooper’s true colours?

Xanthe Canning worries about revealing that Cooper came on to her

Xanthe quits their group media project because she can’t stand the thought of being close to Cooper. Elly is worried and when she witnesses Cooper and Xanthe having a fight, she realises that Xanthe’s problem must somehow lie with him. When Elly tackles her on the topic, Xanthe finally admits the truth.

The occupants of Number Thirty are spooked when a card arrives with a threatening message. Sonya is certain that Clive is behind it and Max tells Steph that he wants Charlie flown back to Fiji. Mark offers for Steph and Charlie to stay with him until the crisis is over, but as soon as Steph moves in, she starts to have inklings that the stalker isn’t Clive and that Sonya isn’t the intended target…

Gary finds a lost racing pigeon in the backyard and develops an instant bond with it. Far from impressed, Sheila tracks down the owner and forces Gary to take the bird back. But when Gary returns, Sheila’s shocked to learn he’s just discovered a new exciting hobby.