Will Yasmeen come between Leanne and Kal?

Yasmeen quizzes Leanne about her divorce and warns Kal that if he ever intends to marry Leanne he’d best draw up a pre-nup. Kal’s mortified while Leanne’s offended. Yasmeen then approaches Nick and tries to persuade him to take Leanne back, but Nick tells her he and Leanne’s relationship is firmly in the past.

Neil follows Andrea into the Kabin and begs her to come home. But after Andrea tells him that even though Lloyd might not want her, their marriage is over, he still can’t accept it. Andrea then calls in the cab office and locking the door, perches on Lloyd’s desk and insists they talk things through.

As Owen faces bankruptcy, Tim and Sally offer to have Faye stay with them until Anna and Owen are out of the financial mire. But a proud Anna is offended and tells them where they can stick their charity. Later, a desperate Anna buries her pride and is forced to call in the local food bank.

Also, As Rita and Dennis grow closer Norris is quietly fuming and moans to Mary how Dennis is playing Rita like a fiddle only she can’t see it.