Chas isn’t used to men saying ‘no’ to her so she’s still trying to get her head around the fact that Dan turned down her proposal. Meanwhile, Nikhil, Gennie and Bob have heard what happened and are trying to get their heads around it, too. Chas proposed?? To Dan??? Bob tells Chas she needs to decide how she feels about Dan. She has to do it fast, though, as Dan is planning to go away for a while. So Chas decides she loves Dan and tells him. Just like that. And Dan? He proposes in the pub and Chas says ‘yes’! Is this going to be some sort of dream sequence? Is Chas going to wake up and find she’s still having a torrid affair with Cameron? If only…

David wakes up and realises Priya has been flirting with him. The truth dawns on him when he gets home and finds Priya ready – and waiting. David’s very tempted, but he thinks of Alicia and says ‘no’. Priya’s confident he’ll soon say ‘yes’ though.

Laurel worries that Ashley still hopes she will say ‘yes’ again to him. He doesn’t know that Laurel and Marlon are a couple (yeah, a couple of fools if they think they can keep that quiet for much longer…)