Masood is convinced that Yusef faked the DNA test, but Christian still thinks Amira is lying. When Zainab and Masood confront Yusef, he tries to suggest that Christian is the faker. Rose lets slip that the NHS don’t do DNA tests, despite Yusef claiming he often sends DNA tests from the surgery. Syed and Amira agree to do another test. Yusef’s bluff is called and he’s forced to admit that he faked the test.

Janine is frustrated in her attempts to evict Roxy from the flat for non-payment of rent. Meanwhile, Shirley struggles to keep her customers after virtually running the cafe into the ground. Shirley leaves Heather to write out ‘free coffee with every meal’ flyers while she helps Roxy keep Janine out of the flat. Heather accidentally offers a free meal, not coffee, and the cafe is inundated!

Poppy confesses to Jodie that she likes Anthony. Jodie offers to talk to him for her. Anthony gets his wires crossed and thinks Jodie and Poppy are after a threesome! A horrified Jodie sets Anthony straight and reveals she was trying to get him to ask out Poppy. Anthony likes Jodie more than Poppy, but realising he’s onto a sure bet he asks out Poppy.