Will Zain cross Jack again?

When drugs are found on Hayes End Prison officer, Ryan Carter, DCI Jack Meadows is called in, amid claims that the drugs were planted on him. As Jack watches the prison’s CCTV footage, he’s shocked to see his shamed ex-colleague, Zain Nadir, involved in an altercation between Ryan and other prisoners.

Jack awkwardly interviews Zain and learns that he shares a cell with Jason Forbes, who’s suspected of supplying heroin inside the prison, but Zain refuses to help nail him. When Jack learns that the drugs are reaching the prison via the weekly meat deliveries, Jack urges Zain to infiltrate Forbes’ gang.

Zain agrees to help, but when the delivery arrives, Zain cuts the drugs out of the meat and hands them straight to Forbes before sending a message to Jack. As the police arrive, a riot breaks out and Jack realises that Forbes has escaped.

Has Zain double-crossed Jack a second time?