Will Zainab catch out Syed?

Syed has stayed over with Christian and when he comes out of the shower the front door bell goes. Syed answers the intercom and panics when he hears his mum’s voice. Christian grabs the phone and buzzes Zainab in as Syed hides. Zainab wants Christian to return to work and after a pep talk from Syed he turns up for work at Masala Queen.

Minty worries when he sees Dawn talking to Phil. Garry wants to have his stag do at the Vic, but Minty tries to put him off. Garry steals the lost property handcuffs from the laundrette and handcuffs Minty and Phil together and refuses to unlock them until Minty talks to Phil about his stag do. Later, Minty is shocked when Phil reveals that Dawn didn’t dump him – he knocked her back.

Dot is delighted to have Jim back and she leaves him in Liz’s safe hands while she goes out. Patrick turns up with some beers and a box of dominoes and Dot is angry on her return. Dot is appeased when Patrick reveals that they have turned the downstairs back room into a bedroom for Jim and her, as Jim can’t get up the stairs.

Also, Tamwar has something to tell Zainab…