Zainab, Masood and Yusef are shocked that Tamwar and Afia are already married. Afia runs off crying trying to defend herself. Zainab and Masood argue. Tamwar stands up and reveals to everyone that he and Afia are already married. Tamwar has a talk with Masood and they put their rift behind them and make up. Meanwhile, Yusef tells Zainab that he wants them to be together. It’s too much for Zainab and she runs off, but Yusef’s sister-in-law Shameem has heard everything.

Shameem tells the wedding guests that Zainab and Yusef are having an affair. Masood punches Yusef and Zainab does a runner. Yusef follows Zainab to the Masoods’. Yusef promises to Zainab that he’ll sort things. Yusef is shocked when his cousin Tariq turns up. As the two men talk it’s clear that Yusef lit the match to kill Zainab all those years ago…

Shirley is fuming that Phil is spending time with Rainie and they have a huge bust-up. Phil begs Shirley to trust him and promises that he’s Rainie’s sponsor and nothing more. Phil explains that he and Rainie understand what each other are going through. Shirley wonders if she’ll ever be able to trust Phil.