Zainab tells Masood that she’s marrying Yusef today. Denise is concerned when Yusef makes Zainab quit her job at the Minute Mart. Denise tries to convince Masood to stop Zainab marrying Yusef and moving away. The Imam arrives for the marriage ceremony. Denise interrupts in a bid to stop Zainab and urges her to walk away. Zainab’s resolve is shaken…

Phil sets up a swap to give the blackmailer their money. Phil and Shirley drop the bag of cash at the war memorial and see a hooded youth on a bicycle picking it up. Ben stops the kid and finds out it’s Liam, who reveals that he was paid to pick up the bag. Phil’s furious to discover the blackmailer is Lola. He shakes her and she loses her footing and hits her head on the steps.

Rainie is still angry with Tanya and can’t understand why Cora doesn’t feel the same. Rainie bumps into Derek, who tries to convince her to go somewhere for some fun, but she’s not interested. Derek badmouths Tanya and an annoyed Rainie realises how much she cares about her sister. Rainie apologises to Tanya and they make up.