Will Zara and Daniel give in to their urges?

Zara’s amused as Daniel’s finding that a lack of sex is affecting his sleep routine and he’s feeling very frustrated. But Daniel has the last laugh when he comes home to find Zara sitting on top of the vibrating washing machine with eyes squeezed shut. Finally, she admits she’s as frustrated as he is, but she won’t be beaten and she wants to win the challenge. Later that evening, Daniel has an idea… they return to their separate bedrooms and he picks up the phone – what is she wearing?

Howard hands out the 360 feedback results and reactions among the staff are mixed. Mandy takes offence at Chris’s jokey comments making her sound unprofessional while Karen’s convinced Mrs Tembe is getting her revenge for Supachef! Al rails against the pointlessness of the whole process and Heston ends up accusing Howard of being a fascist! Howard is finally beaten and when Heston suggests he manage Howard’s feedback results, he decides he’s had enough.

Also, a troubled young man returns to Letherbridge to face his demons, but will he find the peace he is looking for?