Will Zara and Daniel’s ordeal soon be over?

Zara and Daniel head off to see Dr Westerby with their new found research to suggest the condition Morphea could be causing baby Joe’s bruising. Dr Westerby examines Joe again, saying he’ll present his findings to their social worker Fleur. At home, they wait anxiously for the results… then Fleur calls to say she’s on her way. Fleur tells them Dr Westerby agrees with their finding about Morphea and he’s asked her to withdraw the case. Daniel’s relieved, but Zara turns on Fleur about how much she’s put them through. Fleur defends herself; it was her job to worry about Joe’s welfare. Later, Zara cries with relief when Daniel says it’s finally over.

Meanwhile, Howard turns up to work carrying a bag and Karen wonders if it’s his costume for the talent show. Howard says it’s none of her business and heads to his office… it’s his uniform. Today he’ll become a Special Constable. At the town hall, Howard is sworn in and walks off the stage holding his certificate and glowing with pride.

Also, Kevin is concerned when a student lies about his injuries and tells Jimmi who shares his suspicions.