Will Zara open up to Karen?

Jack tells Karen she’ll never understand his pain, which she snorts at. Jack angrily reveals Zara needs him, she has a drug problem! Karen goes to Zara’s house where she starts searching through her drawers looking for drugs. Karen finds syringes and starts to accuse her of self-prescribing.

Zara gives in and admits she has been injecting herself with testosterone in the hope that it will delay her early menopause. Karen is shocked and then becomes sympathetic; has Zara frozen her eggs? Does she want children? Karen finally leaves and gives Zara a hug. She assures her everything will be fine as long as she never, ever, touches her son again.

Ocean asks Julia to come with her, Marlin and Liam to Somerset to complete an attachment parenting course. However later Julia can’t help but criticise Ocean’s decision not to give Marlin the MMR jab. The two argue again and Ocean retracts her invitation and leaves telling Julia she hopes she’s happy alone in her world where she’s always right.

Small time criminal Billy turns to Lily for advice when the little girl from next door keeps coming into his house.

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