It’s the day of Howard’s Respect at Work meeting and he asks for examples of things that could be deemed lack of respect. As Jimmi provides examples that are clearly about Zara, the penny drops. As Zara sobs and runs from the room, the others are left feeling terrible about the things they said, but Jimmi insists Zara deserved it. When Zara returns she offers a heartfelt apology – she genuinely regrets how she can make people feel and will try not to do it in future.

Sid announces he can’t attend Heston’s meeting as he has his end of placement review at St Phils and his Educational Supervisor is no other than Reeta ‘the Razor’ Simpson.

But a beaming Sid tells Heston he passed his review – in fact, Zara said she believes he is an extremely good doctor in the making. Back at the Mill, a furious Al heads into Jimmi’s room and dishes out some home truths. Jimmi’s issues with his dad have turned him from abuse victim to abuser and he needs help – fast!