Zara returns to the police station and is surprised to be greeted by a handsome new detective called DI Tom Stanton (played by Dominic Power – aka Emmerdale killer Cameron Murray) who has taken over the case. As they go over her statement, Zara begins to remember some important details of the night she witnessed Reece’s attack. Will the new information help catch the culprit?

Then, Zara works with a composite artist to create a graphic drawing of the criminal from her memory. When Zara seems to start struggling with the process, DI Stanton begins to doubt that she’ll be a competent witness in court. Is he right?

Back at The Mill, Valerie is beyond grateful to Al for coming to her rescue at the Icon Bar. He laps up the praise and tells Valerie that maybe it’s time to come off the dating website. As Valerie closes her account she finds a familiar face on the same dating website…