This week Zoe and Max wake up in Zoe’s after a night of passion! But Zoe has some explaining to do… It turns out today’s her last day at the ED and she’s jetting off to a new job in America that evening!


Meanwhile, Mercedes (Hannah Spearritt) receives a threatening call from drug dealer Shelle (Kelli Hollis) who reveals she’s on her way to the hospital, where pregnant Mercedes is detoxing from her drug addition.

After Mercedes’ partner Vince gets a panicked call from Mercedes, he races to the ED to check on her. But before Vince makes it inside the hospital Shelle intercepts him and drags him to the empty pub opposite the hospital. Zoe and new consultant Elle Gardner chase after Vince, only for Shelle to seriously attack Vince and bundle all three of them into the pub basement at knifepoint!

When Zoe fails to turn up to meet Max on her break, he tracks her down the pub and rescues the trio. The terrifying hostage situation makes Zoe and Max admit how much they care for each other. Max decides he’s going to follow Zoe to America. The pair are on cloud nine until Max’s stepsister Robyn throws a spanner in the works and warns Zoe off! Realising she’ll only end up hurting Max eventually, Zoe decides to go to American alone and she and Max have an emotional heart-to-heart at the airport before saying goodbye…


Also this week, new consultant Elle Gardner (The Bill’s Jaye Griffiths) is late for work. Connie makes a bet with hospital CEO Henrik Hanssen about Elle’s timekeeping. But Elle is forgiven all when she shows up after her hostage situation with Zoe! Her medical skills seem a little rusty to Connie, but unknown to the ED clinical lead Henrik is happy to have a spy in the ED!


Meanwhile, Iain’s feeling smothered by Rita’s incessant texting and weekend plans for them. Robyn’s interfering ends up breaking Zoe and Max’s hearts – and a few of the #Zax loving viewers’ hearts too! And new nurse David Hide is slowly finding his feet.