Callum and Sophie’s school class are taken to the gym for a training session with Jade and Sophie is pleased when Zeke is at the gym as well. When Callum keeps catching her looking at Zeke he tells her to get over it and that Zeke clearly fancies Jade. In a bid to win Zeke’s attention, Sophie turns up at the gym wearing a new lycra gym outfit, but when she realises that Zeke still isn’t interested, she feels stupid. When Jade assures Sophie it’s OK to have a crush on Zeke, she flips out, so Jade goes to see Zeke and tells him he needs to talk to her about it and let her down gently.

Following a visit from Garland, Lucas is left bloodied and battered. When Kate and Mark find him on the sofa in the morning, they want to know what happened to him, but Lucas doesn’t want to talk about it. Mark tells him he has no choice but to go to the hospital and Lucas tells Mark to mind his own business when he starts asking questions. At Charlie’s, Billy tells Lucas he got off lightly, and that his beating wasn’t the last of it. When Lucas asks how he can fix it, he’s worried when Billy tells him he can’t. And when the garage is trashed Lucas knows he’s in deep.

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