George is frustrated that his mystery cyber-man hasn’t replied and asks ‘SexyStranger007’ if he wants to meet up. Danny clicks onto the profile that Sienna set up and reads the message from George. George is surprised when Danny turns up at the garage but the pair soon kiss. Afterwards George is consumed with guilt and decides to avoid Danny at all costs. Elsewhere, Leela and Tegan don’t know how to react when Ziggy tells them the truth about what he’s been up to online. Nana overhears the girls bad-mouthing him and jumps to his defence. Leela goes to the garage to apologise to Ziggy and they finally kiss!

Blessing finds out that it’s Dennis’s birthday tomorrow and tries to persuade him to celebrate, while George tells Dennis that he needs to move on from Leanne.

Holly and Jason arrive in Southport to find Jason’s dad. They turn up at his address, but all they find is a derelict, boarded up house and Jason’s dreams are crushed. The teens are broke so Holly decides to take a job in a sleazy student bar as a promotions girl but tells Jason that she’s working in a bakery.

Sam finds the messages that ‘Danny’ has been writing to George on the dating site. She’s furious but he talks her round and they question Sienna, who tells them Peri set up the profile. Sienna panics when Sam decides to confront her daughter about it.