Zoe is both thrilled and perturbed to see Jordan so happy about her supposed pregnancy and desperately continues with her fertility treatment, despite the fact it’s making her so unwell that she faints at work.

Revived by a concerned Jordan, Zoe realises she’s running out of time, but doesn’t know how to tell Jordan without ruining everything.

Meanwhile, it’s interview day for the JAFA Fellowship and Lenny is highly confident. However, he’s furious to learn that the Ludlow Foundation is refusing to compensate the Crypto virus victims, and wants to air his views until Jordan reveals that Robert is on the interview panel.

Lenny holds his own in the interview, but later is forced to decide if he will stand by his morals or give up proof of the cover-up in order to win the Fellowship.

Charlie learns that Megan is dying and is in lots of pain. She’s desperate and asks Charlie to help her. But is it too much for Charlie’s conscience?

Zoe treats DJ D-Ray for vitiligo and discovers he’s been having regular sun-bed sesions to cover up his whitening skin. When D-Ray’s girlfriend, Leanne (Roxanne Pallett), arrives at the ED, D-Ray must decide whether to tell her the truth. But is their relationship only skin deep?