The situation at the emergency department is still chaotic this week as the flu epidemic continues to sweep Holby City.

With Clinical Lead, Zoe (Sunetra Sarker) off sick and elderly patients from a local care home flooding into the ED, the hospital staff are swamped.

With no beds for patients and cases backing up, Clinical Nurse manager advises Zoe’s stand-in, Ash (Patrick Robinson) to close the doors to new arrivals.

Ash, however, decides to set up service in the car park! Zoe, suspecting Ash can’t be trusted, returns to the ED and is unimpressed with the locum’s decision to keep the overstretched department open during the flu crisis.

As the two doctors lock horns, it looks like Ash’s days back at the hospital could be numbered!

Fortunately for Ash, his long-time friend Charlie makes Zoe see that Ash would be a great permanent asset to the team.

Elsewhere, Tess and Fletch step their flirtation up a level. But Tess is confronted with the reality of her situation when Fletch’s family turn up in the department.