In the first of a two-part Casualty finale special the net closes in on Zoe when Jordan arranges for the obstetrics department to fit her in for a pregnancy scan.

As Zoe waits to hear when there’s an available space she begins to panic – especially as Noel and Big Mac are asking innocent questions about when she’s expecting!

When Kirsty, who has overheard talk about the scan, asks her what she’s going to do, Zoe reveals she thinks she might be pregnant as her period is late, she’s feeling sick and having cravings. But without doing a test before the scan, is the desperate doctor now fooling herself as well as her partner?

Meanwhile, Jordan comes clean to Zoe about his involvement in the Crypto cover-up and insists they can’t have secrets between them any more. But Zoe decides to wait for the outcome of her scan instead.

Zoe has the scan and is devastated by the outcome – she’s not pregnant. Meanwhile, Jordan finds fertility drugs in Zoe’s handbag…

Elsewhere, Lenny is prepared to go through with his deal with Ludlow to be crowned the winner of the JAFA fellowship. But before the fellowship is announced, a major power cut rips across the north of Holby!

Jay discovers that one Crypto patient is missing from the list.

And Tess considers confessing to the police about her part in helping Megan with her mercy suicide.