Will Zosia and Ollie reunite?

Ollie gets jealous when Matteo set his sights on Zosia…

Oliver Valentine is forced to confront his feelings about his ex, fellow medic Zosia, when new consultant Matteo Rossini starts showing an interest in his ex. Ollie’s clearly put out by Matteo and Zosia’s constant flirting, especially when Mo teases him that they might be having a fling!

When a confident Matteo then criticises Ollie for his cautious approach to both his work and his private life and boldly declares he’s going to ‘seize the moment’ by asking Zosia out for dinner, Ollie realises it’s time he told Zosia exactly how he feels.

As Ollie marches up to Zosia and Matteo, however, and declares he doesn’t want Zosia going out with anyone else, especially not Matteo, Zosia confesses she told Matteo to pretend to ask her out just to get a reaction from him! Will Ollie and Zosia get back together?

When Kim gets positive news regarding her kidney treatment, Essie has to deal with the imminent departure of her son Parker, who’s been staying with her. Desperate not to lose him, Essie plots to try and prolong Kim’s treatment. Can a sympathetic Sacha make her see sense?

Also, Morven struggles to master her role as Foundation Doctor Representative, especially when Cameron challenges her ‘unconventional’ teaching methods. Later, however, Cameron and Morven realise they actually get on much better than they’d previously thought…