As Will’s dark fascination with Texas continues, he is driven to extreme lengths to stop her leaving. So when she decides to go on a night out without him he plots his revenge. While she’s gone he tips himself out of his wheelchair prompting her to promise never to leave him alone again.

Holly feels abandoned and ignored as Cindy struggles to abide by Tony’s intolerable demands and the pair of them continue to argue. So she decides to take Cindy’s purse and buys tickets to Chez Chez, roping in Theresa to go with her.

Rob struggles to contain his emotions but he is clearly impressed by Annalise’s new look when she returns from her work placement. Later, he’s shocked when she announces she’s got a new job in London.

Also, Darren stuns his family with the news that Mitzeee wants to sell the pub. The Osbornes have got five weeks to raise the cash or they’re out.