Will’s vengeful feelings return…

Maxine and Ash decide to start up their own girls only, pole dancing club night and approach Trevor to use The Loft. Dodger and Ziggy catch a glimpse of the girls on the pole during a taster session, but when Will sees his brother with Ash his old feelings of hate return.

It’s the anniversary of Alan Roscoe’s death and the whole family have gathered together to remember. However, there’s awkwardness between Freddie and Lindsey after yesterday. Sinead is devastated when Lucy, her social worker, turns up and questions her about the prostitution. She begs Freddie not to hand himself into the police but he knows what he has to do. In a bid to stop him, Sinead tells Trevor about Freddie’s plans – big mistake!

Robbie tells Finn to snoop in Patrick’s office and the lads come up trumps when they get their hands on Danny’s personnel file and discover their teacher’s secret life.

Also, Cindy finds a friend in an unlikely person.