With this onion ring, I thee wed!

It’s not quite what Alicia was hoping for, but she’s still happy when David puts an onion ring on her finger and asks her to marry him. Alicia loves David to bits, but who knew he loves her, too? Well, actually, he doesn’t – not in the marriage way, anyway. David makes the proposal after Alicia tells him she would have a better chance in her custody battle with Justin if she were married. OK then, says David, we’ll get married. It’ll be a fake marriage, but it should be enough for him to keep Jacob if Alicia goes to prison. Yes! Yes! Yes! says Alicia… But she wishes it was for real.

Holly has a proposition for Hannah, too: move to London with her. The girls think that’s a great idea, but Moira doesn’t. No! No! No! she says to Hannah – but then Hannah tells her how much it hurts her to be in Emmerdale without her father.

Cain hurts Debbie as he tries to hurt Cameron. He tells Debbie that Cameron didn’t go to see his children like he said he was going to. But it backfires, as Debbie is furious with Cain for thinking the worst of Cameron. Oh, if only she knew…