Brace yourself for jumps and scares galore as widowed solicitor Daniel Radcliffe is sent to settle a dead client’s estate at a creepy, isolated mansion.

Doors apparently slam shut on their own, a rocking horse tips back and forth and a handprint keeps appearing on a windowpane. On top of that, Radcliffe also has to deal with hostile villagers and glimpses of a mysterious figure in black…

Carrying most of the film, Radcliffe gives an impressive performance and Ciarán Hinds lends solid support as the one helpful local.

Hammer Studios’ excellent adaptation of Susan Hill’s ghost story makes the most of its atmospheric setting and cleverly goes for chills rather than gore to spook the viewer.

And it works brilliantly… you’ll get goosebumps finding out what’s behind the spooky goings-on as Radcliffe digs deeper into the haunting secrets of the mansion’s past.