What will Woody say when he finds out Whitney’s been lying?

Woody is stunned when Lee's army mate Moose pays Whitney a visit and lets slip about Whitney's divorce papers coming through.

Whitney gets a shock when Lee’s old army mate Moose turns up to see her. Moose’s flirty manner with Whitney doesn’t go down well with Woody. He also put out when the Carters seem delighted to see him. Trying to assert himself, Woody tells Moose that he and Whitney are getting married. Moose realises Whitney hasn’t told Woody that her divorce papers are already through. He gleefully breaks the news!

Lauren returns to work for the Weyland Corporation. She is happy to see Josh, who is just as delighted to spend time with her. When she agrees to work late with Josh to meet a deadline, she’s unexpectedly faced with Josh’s ex Imogen, who tries to drive a wedge between Josh and Lauren. When Imogen leaves, Lauren is off with Josh although they soon share a kiss. But has Imogen put doubts in Lauren’s mind about Josh’s intentions?

Karen is horrified when she arrives home to find Riley and Chatham were picked up from the after school club by a stranger. She soon realises it’s the loan shark, who has come to collect what he’s owed – with interest! Desperate Karen tries to sell some of her stuff at the pub but she soon realises it’s going to be impossible to raise the money on her own.