Work comes between Nate and Maria

Pc Ben Gayle is forced to drag Nate Roberts away from his new love interest, nurse Maria Joseph, when news comes that a woman, Belinda Rodgers, is unconscious in a park. But the apparent mugging takes a sinister turn when Belinda claims she was walking through the park when a bloodied girl barged into her while running away.

Nate and Ben realise the girl, Aisha Khatri, has been stabbed and Nate is furious to learn that, after tending to Aisha’s wounds at St Hugh’s, Maria let her leave without reporting the incident. As they argue, Maria tells Nate that Aisha begged her not to tell the police and, once she’s found, Aisha proves reluctant to talk.

After the team realise Aisha may have a stalker, possible suspect, Gopal Gujarat, is arrested. Aisha arrives at Sun Hill and Nate is surprised to see Maria is her appropriate adult. When Aisha admits Gopal is not her stalker and insists the case goes no further, Nate talks to Maria, who reveals that Aisha’s family are illegal immigrants, and they fear they will be found out.

When officers hear that Aisha has been kidnapped by her real stalker, Colin Brent, a frantic search begins and Aisha is found in an abandoned house with Colin clinging to her. Can Nate save Aisha – and his relationship with Maria?