World’s Weirdest Homes – C4

Visit amazing abodes as the fascinating homes show returns

Visit amazing abodes as the fascinating homes show returns.

Catherine King and Wayne Adams (pictured above) live on an island in British Columbia, Canada. Nothing strange about that – just that this island is floating, they have no neighbours, and they built it themselves.

And it has a dance floor!

Freedom Cove is just one of the incredible residences showcased as this one-off with presenter Charlie Luxton returns.

World's Weridest Home

Catherine and wayne’s island home

This multi-coloured, self-sufficient farm weighs five tons and consists of 20 steel frames resting on reinforced styrofoam.

But even though it looks like something out of a fairy tale, life can be anything but, especially when gales have meant parts have had to be rebuilt, and you can be cut off from the mainland for months on end.

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