Worrying times for Romeo

Sid examines a mole on Romeo’s shoulder that’s been identified as a possible problem and he decides to remove it just to be safe. They’ll need to do tests to check it’s benign. Romeo doesn’t want Indi to know about it, feeling she has enough on her plate without something else to worry about. Later, Sid returns with the test results: it is cancerous, but Romeo still doesn’t want to tell Indi until they know how serious it is.

Zac is doing what he can to get Jamie transferred to another prison and tries his best to get Casey to see sense. He reveals that he’s done time himself and knows what it’s like. Casey needs to make the right decision and not waste the time he did. Casey makes his mind up – he’ll sign a statement incriminating Courtney. Brax and Tamara are overjoyed.

Heath finds Kyle and quickly realises he was skipping town. Brax isn’t pleased, knowing he’d have to face the police if Kyle had disappeared. Tamara also has a go, stressing the importance of standing by those who care for you.

And Heath asks Romeo for the chance to cover Casey’s shifts but Romeo says no – he couldn’t employ a known drug dealer. Heath feels that no one is giving him a chance to prove himself but Bianca reassures him that things will work out and she’ll stand by him.